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This module provides an overview of
Digital Wellness and it’s designed just for
you– the parent or guardian of a child in
today’s technologically advanced world.
We’ll cover a lot of topics related to your child’s digital well being – providing a variety of information, activities and helpful resources. 

The PCW Digital Wellness course...

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What's included in this learning module?

  • 8 Learning Sections
  • 3 Bonus Topics
  • Interactive Lessons
  • Printable Resources
  • Notetaking Ability


See what current research and statistics say about the effects of technology and social media on your child's developing brain.

Your Role

 Whether a parent, grandparent, guardian, caregiver, or teacher, see
how you can make a difference!

& Practice

Take a closer look at current popular apps among teens and tweens AND practice meaningful conversations with your child.
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Partnership For Community Wellness

With more than 20 years of experience, we are a community coalition dedicated to building stronger, healthier communities. We provide parents, guardians, educators, and students with the innovative resources necessary to become educated, empowered and aware.
Patrick Jones - Course author
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